Cutting Board with stand

 Thanks to the stand the board takes minimum space when in resting position. Upright position of the cutting board prevents liquids and food particles from staying on the board. The board and the stand are specially designed to enable easy two step board placing/taking action. In resting position the cutting board is stable and firmly positioned on the stand. The front side of the cutting board holds a channel for draining liquid while the back side is completely flat. The stand and the cutting board are made from oak wood, coated with clean pharmaceutical mineral oil. This oil is used for protection of objects used in food industry and prevents the breach of moisture into the wood. 
 Dimensions:Stand: (HxWxL) 11cmx8,8cmx11,7cm (4,3in x3,5in x4,6in) 
Cutting board: (LxWxD) 36cmx25cmx2cm (14,2in x9,8in x0,8in)Product care: 
Wash gently with warm water only. For lifelong use, once a month apply a thin layer of any natural cold-pressed oil and leave it to dry for 24 hours.


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