Wine Shelf Totem

Wine shelf "Totem"is designed to store up to 9 wine bottles in horisontal position. Horisontal position is the ideal position for storing a wine bottle because in this position the cork stays "wet". Thanks to the design of the base the shelf stays stable regardless of the number of bottles that are on it.Wine shelf "Totem" has woodcut recesses on the sides predetermined for holding of the bottleneck, this alleviates the used from the dilemma which is the right side for putting the bottle on the shelf. The combination of finely processed surfaces and the woodcut simbolizes wine, the magical drink that combines sophisticated and robust aromas to create a unique harmony.Wine shelf "Totem" is made from the european walnut, protected with teak oil and wax. The holes are specially designed and placed so that they can hold bottles with different bottleneck and cork designs ensuring that every bottle is in a perfect horisontal position.Product dimensions: Pillar (HxWxD): 88x9,6x3,8 cm; 34,6x3,78x1,5 inBase (HxWxD): 4,2x34x10 cm; 1,65x13,4x3,94 in Total height of the shelf: 92,2 cm; 36,3 in

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