Wine table is made for storing and wine tasting, so that a real wine lovers don’t have to get up to choose their next “droplet” of wine. With this table the selection of bottles is visible and at hand thanks to the glass top. Bottles are stored horizontally and are out of the way because the part of every bottle that is outside is covered by the top of the table. The table can store up to 14 bottles with diameter less than 90 mm (3,54“), 7 on each side. Table dimensions: Length=101cm Width=59cm Height=44cm (39,77“ x 23,23“ x 17,32“). The glass on the top of the table is 6mm thick, and in the middle of the table there is a two sided bottleneck holder with wood carving on top. On one side there is a drawer designed for storing wine glasses. The drawer can store up to 5 large wine glasses and the gap between the glasses is big enough so that they don’t touch each other when the drawer is being opened. The drawer handle is to look like a vine leaf. The table is made completely out of cherry wood. Finish is done with polyurethane varnish with 60% gloss.

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